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oh yeah
oh yeah
Completely out of style but that doesn't matter to you, does it?
Saw this wall all about peace and love while traveling abroad. Maybe leave this one alone.
Has wall art ever slowed you down? Doubt it!
Red bricks disguised in white paint, but there's no fooling you.
Why climb a wall when you can just bust through it?
Everyone knows how much kool-aid man loves busting through walls. So they've been sending him pictures of walls they think he'll like. check 'em out.
How weird. Like the Kool-Aid Man<sup>®</sup> would take just one brick.
Oh man! Looks like someone beat you to it, but you can still finish it off.
You're going to love this one - it has all the Kool-Aid<sup>®</sup> flavors.
The classic Kool-Aid Man<sup>®</sup> wall! Looks like the one that started it all.
Maybe it's pointing you to an even better wall?
Bet this will remind you of Green Apple Drink Mix.
This must be your favorite kind of wall - chilled.
Looks like it is about ready to crumble. Better hurry!
Kool-Aid Man<sup>®</sup>, this is the perfect color bench for you to rest on between wall bustings.
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